About Us

Forget-me-not Children’s Center, Inc. (DBA The Emerald Foundation) Is a non-profit

organization that provides behavioral and mental health services to rural communities in

Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee, and the Greater Nashville area.

Support from companies, individuals, and grants enable The Emerald Foundation to provide behavioral health needs to rural and impoverished communities.


About Us

 Our mission is to provide high-quality free or reduced behavioral health services in the Purchase Area of Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee, and the Nashville area to those who cannot afford these services. We are able to do this through contributions made by companies and residents of our community.

Emerald Foundation also takes a proactive approach in local schools to provide behavioral health services to students in preschool or pre-kindergarten through high school. In addition, we provide the training and awareness programs for teachers, staff, and parents to identify children who need assistance.

Our clients are served by licensed mental health providers at the Master's or Ph.D. level with the Four Areas of Wellness at the heart of our mission: Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Financial. We believe your best days are ahead of you.  

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