Services We Offer

Early Childhood Services


The Emerald Foundation provides behavioral consultations as part of

early childhood intervention programs.  Also, we provide counseling and parenting classes to parents. 

The Emerald Foundation dedicates services to provide Autism evaluations and accompanying behavioral health support in Western Kentucky.

We use the ADOS and ADOS-2 test, given by a licensed Ph.D clinical


School Based Counseling


The Emerald Foundation provides in-school counseling services to 30 regional public schools. 

Also, we provide individual and group therapy to 7 local community colleges.

Our services enable students and staff to receive support that improves academics, attendance, and behavior.

This results in greater student satisfaction and promotes the well-being of behavioral health in our community.

Wellness and Life-Coaching


Physical health is one of Emerald’s Foundations of Wellness. We believe it is a core component of helping

individuals achieve their best life. We’ve designed performance curriculum, life-coaching classes wellness

events, and physical training for you to and balance and clarity in life.

Workforce Wellness


We provide Staff Training, Workforce Counseling, and Wellness Events for the following sectors:

Universities and Colleges

K-12 School Districts

DOT Contractors

Residential Communities

Regional Early Childhood Intervention Programs

Domestic Violence Shelters

Agriculture Industry

Construction Companies

Marine Transport Industries

Retreat and Therapeutic Lodge


Emerald utilizes a 160-acre farm located in Livingston County, KY for retreats, team building/training,

and individual services for Executives, and other clients requesting

discrete services.

Intensive Outpatient Programs


Emerald Offers Addiction and Behavioral Health Intensive Outpatient Programs. Our clinical team is overseen by a Psychiatrist and medical staff to ensure recovery is lasting and help prevent relapse.