Who We Help

We Are Committed to Building Healthy Communities

We provide free or reduced behavioral and mental health services to children, teens, and young adults in need of the following care such as:

- behavioral or emotional services

- struggling with addiction

- struggling with suicide issues

- struggling with trauma

We also provide the following fee-based wellness services:

Live Well Program-- A wellness program developed and personalized for businesses, corporations and residential living communities which can also be modified to serve entire communities. 

Our Services include but are not limited to:

*One on One Life Coaching

*Counseling and Therapy Services 

*Personal Fitness Training for Groups or Individuals

*Fitness Classes 

*Lifestyle Strategies (Home, Life, and Relationship Topics)

*Health Talks (Diet, Weight loss, Meal Prep and Nutrition Topics)

*Financial Planning Classes 

*Spiritual Growth Development (Mindfulness and Meditation Topics)

*Fit For Duty Assessments

How Can You Help?

How We Help

We Provide Services In The Following Ways


  • Individual Services -- We offer individual care selected by the client to address their  needs.
  • Corporate Bundled Services -- We offer fee-based Counseling/Therapy Services for employees, Addiction Treatment, Medication Management, Human Resources Training, Executive Team, Development and Support, and Wellness services that are tailored to the organization's goals. 
  • Spotlight Services -- We can provide specialized fee-based services for client’s in certain industries such as Entertainment and Sports.


Where We Serve

Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee and Greater Nashville

We provide behavioral and mental health services to Western Kentucky. We also provide wellness services Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee, as well as the city of Nashville and surrounding counties. 

We are committed to bringing quality and accessible behavioral health services to rural areas. 

It’s our mission to provide services to clients living in remote and rural areas with limited access to needed services. 

We utilize Telehealth, satellite clinics, and primary care facilities to meet the needs of rural clients for behavioral health and addiction services.